Growth Capital Financing Services


We Write Business Plans To Achieve Growth Capital Financing

Lantern Capital Advisors specializes in writing business plans that help established, growing companies achieve growth capital financing. We do this by raising growth capital (either debt or equity) from a variety of institutional lenders, funds, and equity firms.  We write business plans with financial models and get them funded from institutional lenders, equity firms, and specialty debt providers

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We Raise Capital

Lantern Capital Advisors raises growth capital, regardless of whether it is debt or equity for growing companies. We use a proven methodology in order to source capital and negotiate financing terms that satisfy both our clients and financial institutions.

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We Raise Capital To Fund Growth

Raise Capital For Growth:  Lantern Capital Advisors has experience helping growing enterprises and entrepreneurs with revenues that typically range from $5 Million to $150 Million. Chris Risey  Chris Risey Chris Risey Chris Risey Chris Risey Chris Risey Chris Risey  

Growth Capital Financing Services

Lantern Capital Advisors

Corporate Financial Planning and Capital Raising

Using our comprehensive business plans, we successfully help growing companies raise capital and refinance corporate debt in order to accelerate growth, execute management buyouts, achieve acquisition financing or provide owners’ liquidity on an hourly basis.  We are a corporate financial consulting firm for growing companies and write comprehensive business plans with financial models and get funding from institutional lenders, equity firms, and specialty debt providers.

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How We Raise Capital:  Growth Capital Financing Services

We write business plans with financial models and get them funded from institutional lenders, equity firms, and specialty debt providers.

How We Raise Capital

Our team of professionals work as long as it takes to successfully secure business financing for our clients on an hourly fee basis.  Our typical business plan takes two to four weeks to complete prior to sending out to institutions.  Based on the financing required, clients can expect funding in three to six months post project kick off.

We don’t bill on a percentage of financing basis because we feel that those methods have a way of inflating themselves without the value being delivered in the end.

Our business plans stay on budget.  Our professional fees don’t change.  Our billing rates don’t change.  Out of pocket expenses are reasonable.

Our engagements and payment schedules are structured to allow our clients to manage cash flow and demonstrate our commitment and investment to the capital raising process.

 Once institutions deliver financing proposals to our clients, we work with our clients to ensure they understand all of the financing solutions presented, analyze the proposals to compare them against one another, negotiate the proposals on behalf of our clients, and consult with our clients throughout due diligence and funding in order to secure the best outcome for the business owner.

Financing Challenges for Growing Private Companies

Many growing private companies operate in crisis mode when it comes to corporate finance and corporate financial planning.  Needs like a shortage of capital, a lender wants out, an opportunity to buy out a partner, or acquisition opportunity appear suddenly.  The challenge for entrepreneurs and CFOs is to figure out what financing alternative are best for their team, when they have little, if any, financing experience beyond dealing with the local bank.  Typically they need a solution – the best solution- in a very limited, if not critically limited, amount of time

For a company that has already achieved some success, the learning curve can be time consuming and expensive.  Much of the lack of information is caused by the capital markets itself, which rewards and compensates bankers and investors based on leading companies towards one solution over another.  As a result, bankers may recommend a less than ideal solution simply to get the highest finder’s fee, maximize a commission, or gain the biggest ownership interest in a company.  Taken collectively, these conflicts short change the growing company that needs GREAT advice the most, or the company that needs financing in the shortest amount of time.

To address these challenges we pride ourselves on being FAST, TRUSTED, and COST EFFECTIVE

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