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Raising Growth Capital

Growth Capital Advisors:  Based in Atlanta, GA, we are an independent corporate financial consulting firm succeeding in developing comprehensive business plans and securing attractive growth capital for entrepreneurs and management.

Lantern has a well-defined, proven capital raising process.  We have completed business plans and received term sheets within one month of starting an engagement.  However, most of our clients, due to the time constraints of running a business, typically take four to six months to complete the funding process (Due diligence pace, set by financing sources, average 45 days). Knowing this, our work plans are tied to specific tasks, and our process can match the speed and pace of our clients.

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How We Raise Growth Capital

We specialize in the development of comprehensive business plans intended to generate significant value for both owners and investors. Our business plans are easily understood and contain the essential information necessary to attract selective investors and institutions.

Investing institutions must believe that the Company’s business plan is both strategic and attainable.  To illustrate to investors the viability of the Company’s capacity to grow, the business plan must include historical and projected financials.

We write comprehensive business plans that contain a prioritized growth strategy.  We ensure that our business plans are attainable and the capital requirement is realistic.  We analyze the many methods available in the capital markets to help finance the growth of a business.  We help management determine the financing option that best positions the company for the future.

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Growth Capital Consulting

As consultants that specialize in raising growth capital, we have relationships and primarily target financial institutions that know our work, solicit our plans, and are interested in investing in specific market sectors.    This ensures that our business plans are welcomed and read by a wide range of financial institutions. In short, institutions are anxious to hear from us and invest in our clients.  We pre-qualify investors and banking institutions before sending out business plans.

We maintain solid relationships with the largest financial institutions in the world.  We build on and establish relationships in markets where our clients have a presence during the engagement.  We ensure that the business plans we send to investors and institutions will receive attention from the right people.

Financing proposals and term sheets for growing companies can vary substantially. Competition amongst institutions ensures that our clients will receive the best financing terms available in the capital markets.

Growth Capital Advisors

Lantern Capital Advisors helps companies raise growth capital.  Lantern is an hourly based corporate financial consulting firm for growing companies. As corporate financial consultants, we help established, profitable companies develop comprehensive business plans and raise capital in order to finance faster growth, finance acquisitions, achieve management buyout or leveraged buyouts, or refinance corporate debt.

Lantern specializes in developing the comprehensive business plans that banks require that allow owners and managers to maintain control of their company and preserve equity.

Beyond writing professional business plans for our clients, Lantern Capital Advisors also raises growth capital for clients.  We also offer corporate financial planning services, serves as a corporate financial advisor, and monitors financial performance in order to help our clients use finance to realize their Company’s unique potential.

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